Creating a space of your own

Creating a space of my own is so important for my positivity, motivation, and productivity! Especially with the cooler weather out, I’m spending more time indoors. Here are some cosy GIFs to inspire your own space.

String lights

Unfortunately we can’t light candles in dorms, but string lights are just as magical! (But for those of you living off campus, I would highly recommend lighting scented candles!)


Cuddle up in bed under layers or throw a bunch on the floor and spread out!


Otherwise known as portable blankets!

Hot beverages

Warm yourself from the inside out! I’m ready for all the tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and apple cider!

Baked goods

I’ll take all the carbs thank you very much. Swipe some extras from the dining hall, buy some fresh from the supermarket, or use the SGA kitchen!


No better way to set the mood. Jazz always makes me feel calm and classy.

Window nook

It’s too cold to be outside, but you can still enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your room through your window!

And here are some more cosy GIFs: