Early bird

I can’t believe that fall break is almost over! It’s been absolute paradise waking up without an alarm for the past week. Soon I’ll be reverting back to the snooze button lifestyle, UNLESS…

…we figure out a way to kickstart the day and get our butts out of bed.

Have something to look forward to.

Wake up early to get changed into that bomb ass outfit? Heck yeah! Wake up early to catch up with your friend over Friday’s chocolate chip pancakes? Heck yeah! Also, these next few months are gonna be the best months of the year. HOLIDAY SEASON, heck yeah!

“F*ck the shoulds, do the wants.” (x)

Wake up early to drag myself to class? …eh. Wake up early to drag myself to class to boost my attendance and participation grade? …hmm. Wake up early to get an education and become a helpful member of society? Heck yeah! Wake up early to learn interesting concepts that will help me better understand my homework and ultimately become a better member of society? Heck yeah! The idea is to “change your energy and approach” to getting things done by breaking down tasks you should do into tasks you want to do, into tasks you’ll look forward to 😉 doing.

Set your alarm for a minute earlier each day.

In a week’s time you’ll be rising seven minutes earlier than usual. In a month’s time you’ll be rising half an hour earlier than usual. This means more time in your waking day, which means more time to do all the things you need want to do, which means you can do it! You got this!