So it’s the spring semester, but it’s not quite spring yet. Welcome back! We hope you’ve all had a restful winter break, and would like to congratulate you on surviving another shopping week, the blizzard, and the second week of classes.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been anticipating spring semester ever since fall semester. My friends have come back from abroad, I’m finally only taking courses for my double major, and the count down to May Day has begun.

Bryn Mawr offers so many wonderful opportunities. So many things to do! So many places to be! These first few weeks of the semester are bound to be hectic, just like the beginning of any other semester. Remember that knowing when to say “no” is just as valuable and courageous as knowing when to say “yes.” There are so many things to be excited about, but don’t overextend yourself. With what you have going on already, prioritise.

There are so many ways to go about it, but here are a few ideas if you need help getting started:

  • List it all out (on a whiteboard, on paper, on strips of paper…)
  • Identify urgent vs. important
  • Identify needs vs. wants
  • Assess value (what gives you joy, what will you benefit from…)
  • Talk it out with a friend (or Peer Mentor)
  • Rearrange list

Now go forth and do great things!