Shopping Week

Depending on how lotteries worked out for you, Shopping Week may be a busy week of running from class to class. Here are some tips to keep the week from getting overwhelming:

If you’re shopping many classes, you might not have time to do any of the work assigned. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to let your professors know what’s up and ask for extensions for any assignments assigned during that first week.

Prioritise the classes you attend. You must attended classes you’re preregistered for if you want to keep them in your schedule. Then fit the other classes you are interested in around them. Pay attention to transition time, including transportation if need be.

If there’s a class you’re interested in that occurs at the same time as a class you’re preregistered for, email both professors and ask them if it’s possible for you to only attend one of two of the classes during that week and still keep your place in the class. Only do this if you really can’t decide between the two classes. If it’s a class you must take, make sure to attend both/all sessions during Shopping Week.

Keep track of your classes in a planner, Google Calendar, loose sheet of paper, or whatever works for you.

Have a fantastic semester!