Setting up your iPhone to be less distracting

Everyone says to put away your phone, but who are we kidding? Here are small ways to set up your phone to make it less distracting. The different levels of commitment:

Airplane mode

Do Not Disturb mode | After a certain time at night, I like to turn this mode on and then put my phone away until the morning.

Sounds | Tbh my phone is on silent mode most of the time anyway. It’s just safer to have it perpetually this way so that I don’t need to worry about it going off in class. (Although… it does make it harder to locate your phone if you’ve lost it somewhere in the room and ask someone to call it.)


Badges | There’s something about badge app icons that bug me to no end. If I see it, I must get rid of it. To make it less distracting, I’ll turn it off for apps like Facebook Messenger (group chats are the bane of my existence) (I don’t even have Facebook on my phone).

Move distracting apps to the second page so that they’re not constantly in your face and reminding you of them.

Got anymore tips or tricks?