General checklist

We’re down to the last month! It might be easier to live in denial, but trust me, it’ll be easier to deal with if you plan for it right now!

For me, it helps to write everything down in a list so that I can see everything I need to do and not worry about forgetting something. Here are some things that I’ll be doing:

  • Reviewing the┬ásyllabus for each course, especially paying attention those semester-long projects that we were supposedly working on throughout the semester.
  • Figuring out plans for the summer. A job? An internship?
  • Figuring out housing for the summer.
  • Figuring out summer storage. (Get those cardboard boxes from Staples before everyone else gets them!)

That’s not too bad of a list. Just four things. Totally doable, right? ­čÖé