It’s coming up on Monday!

Here are some things to consider as you choose your courses:

  • What college-wide requirements do you have left?
  • What major/minor requirements do you have left?
  • Or what potential major/minor would you like to explore?
  • The consortium is a fantastic resource, but don’t spread yourself too thin across campuses.
  • Seek out students who have taken the course your interest in

Some classes fill up more quickly than others. Prepare yourself:

  • Other than figuring out which four courses you want to preregister for, prepare some back-ups.
  • Email the professors of the courses you are interested in to get on their radar. Definitely not necessary to do for all courses, but smart to do for popular courses that have caps.

If you need more help, never hesitate to ask your dean, major advisor, or peer mentor! Good luck!