How to find out what’s happening

There’s too much to do in Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Philly; it’d be a shame to stay cooped up in your dorm room all day! I know it doesn’t always feel like there’s very much to do, what with us being stuck in the college bubble, so here are some sources I like to turn to to make my world feel a little bigger:


Clubs are an especially good resource for specialised activities and outreach. They can figure out what’s going on and do all the networking for you! If you don’t have enough time to participate in all the clubs you wish you could, you can still stay in the loop by subscribing to the club’s listserv, subscribing to the club’s social media platforms, or keeping up with friends and the clubs they participate in. In other words, you don’t necessarily need to be part of the club to drop in on their activities (in some cases).

Daily Digest

Your inbox is probably overwhelmed with emails from a variety of listservs, some of which you probably don’t even remember subscribing to. Of all the daily/weekly emails I get, I find the Daily Digest the most helpful when it comes to staying up to date with what’s happening on campus, and sometimes off campus as well. It’s an efficiently compiled resource and is easy to browse through on the daily.

Facebook Events

I’m not the biggest fan of Facebook, but I can’t dismiss how it connects us all. Sure, there might be a lot of trash content to sift through, but I’ve always found Facebook events helpful. I love learning about events through people in my network who have either RSVP-ed as attending or interested. Facebook pages of local cafes, restaurants, venues, and other businesses are also a good way to keep up with what’s happening. For example, if you’re into music, you might want to keep up with Union Transfer and World Cafe Live. (I’m subscribed to Union Transfer’s weekly newsletter!)

Visit Philly

You can choose some other Philly tourism company, but the one I keep up with is Visit Philly via Twitter. These are the pros of knowing what’s going on. I mean, it’s only their job!

What events are you excited for, and how do you find out about new events?