Productive procrastination

Today’s post comes as a continuation of last week’s positive procrastination!

Watch TED Talks | Whenever I watch TED Talks, I’m always in awe of the powerful messages the speakers share, in awe of how articulate they are, and in awe of how¬†fun learning can be. Learning is more than just textbooks!

Netflix Khan Academy and Chill | It’s what all the cool kids do nowadays. Trust me. I’m a science.

Browse Athena’s Guide | We try our best to make our posts engaging with informative topics and fun GIFs!

Browse Her Campus | It’s like BuzzFeed, but specifically for Mawrters, and written by Mawrters!

Write for Her Campus | Have something you want to talk about but don’t have a platform to share it on? Her Campus got you!

Organise | Your room, your planner, your email inbox, etc.