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Show some love

Valentine’s Day is coming up next week! Don’t save all your love for this day, but show some extra love on this day. And it doesn’t need to be reserved for your significant other either! Show love to your family, your friends, and all the people in your life who are important to you. And show love to yourself! Self-care & self-love, heck yeah!

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Organising my planner

Buying new planners is one of the little joys in life, or at least for a stationary-lover like me. Whenever I was in Taiwan for the summer, I’d always studiously hunt for beautiful planners to take with me for the next school year (Taiwan has the cutest stationary ;)).

Two years ago, instead of buying a structured planner, I decided to go with a blank, gridded notebook, and structure it myself. As much as I like beautiful planners, gridded notebooks are now my favourite way to go. (Though Paper Source is a temptress.)

At the beginning of my notebook, I have monthly calendars, where I write in events and meetings, but the rest of my pages are organised weekly like this. I’ve found that a weekly planner has worked best for me in college, as that is how the syllabi for most classes–or at least of the ones that I’ve taken–are structured. (In high school, a daily planner worked better for me.)

Do you use a paper planner or do you go with electronic calendars? How do you organise yours?