Tips for Study Strategies and Test Prep

1. Set a timer for yourself in fifteen-minute increments.

Each time it goes off, evaluate what you’re doing. You can also use a timer to remind yourself to take breaks, which will help you be more productive.

2. Study in small increments with frequent breaks to prevent burnout. Only study for 30-60 minutes without taking a break.

3. Try studying in the same conditions as your exam.

Research shows that people associate the material they leam with the space they study in and recall information better in that space.

4. Separate home from school

Study outside of your room so that your room is reserved for relaxing and sleeping. Try out different study environments to leam your personal preferences. You may want to study in a relaxed, cozy environment, or you may prefer an uncomfortable chair that motivates you to finish your work!

5. Read notes from the last time the class met right before that class starts.

It’s a good refresher and gets you prepared for that class’ topic right away.Find a study buddy. You can both encourage each other to get work done. However, watch out that you’re actually motivating each other to study, rather than helping each other procrastinate.

6. Make online flashcards. Try or Explain the material to someone else. Talk through the steps of a problem. Use acronyms to memorize vocabulary.