Prepping for upcoming mid-terms

Can you believe that Fall Break is in two weeks?? I didn’t realise it until my roommate mentioned it, and she didn’t realise it until her friend mentioned it. On one hand, I can’t wait to have a week off from my never-ending stream of CS labs, but on the other hand, the week before Fall Break, man, that can be tough.

Many professors like squeezing a mid-term in before letting you off for the week, so go through the syllabus and find out when yours is.

Also figure out what kind of mid-term it is. In class? Open book? Take home?

Keep track of when your class has TA sessions and your professor has office hours. With the upcoming mid-term, there might even be extra sessions and hours offered. Don’t hesitate to schedule a one-on-one meeting to review concepts if that’s what you need.

Allocate time to study and don’t forget to continue setting aside time to do homework. Unfortunately the work doesn’t wait, even with mid-terms coming up.

All those notes you’ve been scrawling throughout the semester, it’s time to pull those out. Identify which concepts you’re less confident about and find some time before your midterm to ask questions about them, either to the professor, in class or outside of it, or to classmates.

Form study groups, if that fits your learning style. I like studying with friends, even if they’re working on something for a different class. It helps to have someone just simply be there to keep me accountable.

If you start thinking about this stuff now, hopefully this will give you enough time and make everything feel more manageable. Good luck!