Tips for Note-Taking

1. Type up a study guide to help structure your notes. 

JK Rowling typing

2. Type up or scan handwritten notes.

This will make them easier to organize and harder to lose! Rewrite your notes to make them more clear and easier to understand. If possible, rewrite within a day or two of class to reinforce your memory of the lecture

3. Consolidate your notes into tables or graphs once a week.

Graph that reads: Why take notes? Useful record of information, helps your writing, helps understanding, helps memory and helps EXAM revision.

4.  Color-code: using different colored pens helps keywords and concepts stand out.

5. Type notes in class.

If your professor is fine with you having a computer in class, consider typing your notes. Programs like Microsoft OneNote allow you to efficiently take notes, as well as neatly add comments and edit.