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A Poem for My Daughter Class

by Steffi Feldman ’15

Welcome, welcome baby greens!
You’re just arriving, lanyards hung
around your necks still – halls unseen
are being seen, explored, and sung
near. You have adventures still ahead
of you to live. So let’s get started:
there’s a few things I should tell you
even while right now we’re parted.
See, though we’re gone, I thought I’d leave
you with some musings I’ve acquired
in my four years at BMC:
It’s lots of fun, but makes you tired –
Coffee is a friend and so
are free gym facilities!
Make your room a happy place,
a place where you would like to be
in. Try not to worry about the readings,
it’s super okay to skim, I SWEAR.
But always bring your books to class
and pretend to pore over them with care
when teacher ever tries to ask
a question you’ll be too engrossed to notice.
But here are more important things –
count how many times bells ring.
Pet nice dogs and English House cat
(and treat your friends as nice at that.)
Take pictures by the memory card, and meet anyone you ever can
because they are your family and there are things they understand
that no one else will ever know.
Memories tinged with candle smoke,
and dripping clothes and laughter and
a lifelong, tearstained, line of friends.
It goes so fast, so hold on tight
for Bryn Mawr is a place to fight
for, as you’ll see before your last.
But know, small greens, before you go:
you are a strong, intelligent, independent
(and quite loved!)
dear dear dear dear
daughter class
and this old green
wants you to know.